I enjoyed talking with you

I enjoyed talking with you at our last mentoring session. Ever since we met, I’ve been thinking about my strategy for scheduling informational interviews with professionals at area companies. I then had the idea of writing an insights paper. Thanks again for the idea, and I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Angie J.

I am seeing myself in a clearer way

Thank you Isabel Einzig-Wein of Unique Pathways. Where do I begin except to say that Isabel can spend an hour with you and change your entire perspective on who you are. The insight she let me discover on my own, was shocking to say the least. Her ability to assist a person in finding their true potential and what is standing in their way, is utterly amazing. I am seeing myself in a clearer way and can see an improvement in my relationships with people I interact with on a daily basis.

Ellen M.

I feel my organization has improved

I can not explain to you how much you helped me over these past few months. You have a wealth of knowledge, an inspiring personality, and amazing teaching abilities. I still hear your advice in my head. I feel my organization has improved, and my self confidence has increased. It has not only helped me in my job. I feel better about personal challenges and responsibilities as well. Thank you.

Nicki F.
Director of PT

Excellent insight and great listening skills

I would recommend Isabel to my colleagues because she has a lot of enthusiasm and has a wealth of knowledge with regard to personality types and leadership styles. She has excellent insight and great listening skills. Even if you think your biggest challenge is “x” , Isabel will be able to assess the situation and through her coaching, make you realize that the biggest challenge is really “y”.

Nancy B.
Owner of Government Contracting Company

Isabel encouraged me to take quick action

Isabel encouraged me to take quick action on the issues I needed to work on, but also gave me the avenues to do so. She was supporting my endeavors to seek a professional, salaried job, of which the skills I learned from her were integral in being chosen out of hundreds.

Michael J.
Former College Student

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