“Come on baby, light that fire”…Becoming Motivated and Staying Engaged in the New Year



In 1966, Robby Krieger wrote the song, “Come on baby light my fire”, sung by the Doors.  However you want to interpret the song is up to you, but just consider you might need that fire to get going in the New Year.

Before January 1, 2017 is upon us, I wanted to relate a question I was recently asked.  A young woman approached me at a meeting and after our 30-second elevator speeches, she asked, “How can I get motivated?” As a coach, I had to answer her with my own powerful question.  “What feeling do you get when you have accomplished something regarding your work?” I asked. As her whole demeanor changed, she easily had several positive and beneficial statements.

Thinking of the positive instead of how do you feel when you are not engaged in your work, takes us to a dimension where we can see possibilities from our efforts.  We are uplifted at knowing we CAN feel good.   We are capable of pulling it off.  So why is it that we get excited or motivated and then after a while find ourselves in a funk, unproductive, just plain stuck?

In an article from Forbes magazine some reasons for this funk are habit, we don’t have the means available; money, knowledge, contacts, the risk or cost is too great, or we are not being true to ourselves about what we really want.

So, I ask you, what would it take to get you started and stay actively engaged? Or as I was asked, “How can I get motivated.?”   First, consider what do you really want, how does it feel when you are actively engaged in your work, and who can help you become accountable to stay motivated?  That person can be a friend, colleague, or a coach.  This person is your accountability partner with whom you will discuss your goals, strategies, and possible actions.  Commit to a time when you will start and what you will accomplish in a set time frame.  Set up a schedule when you will get back in touch to share the results of your actions.  If you don’t accomplish your tasks, you can discuss why this was so.  The fruits of your labor can be seen after planting the seed, nurturing it and keeping it fertilized.

Get a new start, break the old habits, define the costs and benefits, be accountable, forge ahead, and have a happy productive new year!

You can get a start on being motivated, being accountable, and being successful in what you really want to accomplish.


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