Coaching Tip:You Can Find Your Passion-feel free, creative, productive, excited!!!

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”-Albert Einstein

What is passion?  Have you ever felt excited about what you were doing and wished it was something that would pay the bills?  Or have you felt that nothing seems to be moving you toward that special part of one’s life where all happiness can be found?  Some are fortunate to be able to turn one’s excitement into an avenue to pay the bills.  Or use our excitement to supplement our daily working lives.  People are more productive if they do what they love to do. First, how do we find our passion, that place where we can experience heightened awareness of what we love to do and do well?


Take time out to discover yourself through silent meditation, exercise, walking along the river, in the woods-some place conducive to deep thinking.

  • When have you felt great satisfaction?  What were you doing? What was the result ?
  • Who among your acquaintances do your really enjoy being with? What makes this so?  What do they do that you enjoy doing?
  • Do you have a hobby that excites you?  What do you get out of doing this hobby?  Do you share this hobby with others?
  • Ask others about what you do that they think can be of great importance.
  • Find other people who enjoy similar activities that excite you.
  • Develop a list of goals that align with the excitements you feel. Work on strategies and take action in getting good at the activities that excite you.
  • Check in with others who can appreciate your excitement.

Knowing your passion can change the way you feel about your job, your life outside of work, and the way you can be of help to others.  You can feel liberated and create extraordinary opportunities.

I recommend reading: The Element-How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson

Please also check out my Passion Questionnaire.  It will help you in becoming aware of what finding your passion can help you accomplish and help me with a study.

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