How Finding Your Passion Can Change Everything

“How Finding Your Passion Can Change Everything”

Ken Robinson, in his book: The Element-How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, makes the reader aware of the lives of famous people who only found happiness in their careers because they had a deep desire and love of something that excited them and they became good at what they loved to do. Being in one’s element constitutes a sense of freedom and authenticity.

The author relates the necessity of being in your Element-that place that you feel aligned with your excitement and have people, your tribe, who find this place inspirational and productive as well.  That excitement is your passion.  Being passionate is inspirational and can propel you into extraordinary places for life’s creativity and innovation.  As stated by John Donovan, chief technology officer at AT&T, “Good leaders inspire their employees to achieve great things.” He feels it is not an individual effort, but a team effort that results in achievement that can be shared by all.

How often do our managers or leaders get to know what our passion is?  What could be the result of being able to pursue our passion on the job?  What is the result for ourselves and the way we operate in the workplace?  *There are methods to employ to really learn about what excites you, what your really love to do can be something you get really proficient at and able to keep you excited about more mundane occurrences.  Passion can drive the desire to excel.  When we recognize our passion, and not all of us are aware of what that is, we can experience a great satisfaction and self satisfaction can be our definition of success.

Please click on the link provided to answer a Passion Questionnaire.  This will help me with a study and make you more aware of the need to think about this subject for yourselves and those you work with.  Your “tribe” may be closer to you than you think. Check out my coaching tip on “How to Find Your Passion”.

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