Coaching Tip: Women are not just from Venus: Men are not just from Mars

“Men of quality are not threatened by women seeking equality.”-Unknown

How can you be a woman and win in a man’s world?   How can you be a man and accept women for their input to your organization? You are as qualified as the men on your team, but you are not being heard.   You have opinions and want to discuss them. You are a man in a meeting and all you want is: “Just give me the bottom line”.  Yes, this is just one example of the different communication styles between men and women.  The following activity addresses the way women can be and with this knowledge, men can understand how to allow women to add to the “conversation”.


  • Be assertive and to the point expressing what you need in a brief format
  • Speak slowly and clearly to gain attention.
  • Be yourself and align your body language with your verbal language showing confidence
  • Be heard and take credit for your accomplishments
  • Feel good about your value to the organization
  • Be a leader, show your strength and take on tasks that will challenge you
  • Work /life balance is hard to achieve: work/life management is needed, so prioritize.
  • Be open to asking for help as a mentee.
  • Ask for clarification of  terms if not understood.
  • Refrain from harping on an issue: give people time to analyze your points.

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