Coaching Tip: You are a Leader: Now what?

As I get older, I pay less attention to what men say.  I just watch what they do.”-Andrew Carnegie

You have been tasked with a leadership role in your organization.  Now what?  As it is written in the book by Marshall Goldsmith: What Got You Here-Won’t get You There. You must now take the reins.  You must now show those who trusted in you, that you can do the job.  The company or organization expects you to streamline operations, create new ideas, accomplish more with less, and produce quality products or services, as you work to build a team who can support your vision.

The original guru on leadership, Warren Bennis, in his book: On Becoming a Leader stressed the following criteria for leadership that 20 years later still holds true: Review these criteria and take steps to make it work for you and your organization.


  • Manage the dream-Communicate your vision and continue to reaffirm it.
  • Embrace Error-Create and encourage an atmosphere for risk taking.  It is only through action that things get done.
  • Encourage reflective backtalk-We can refer to this as feedback.  Creating a trusting environment in your organization, gives rise to honest feedback.  You then see what others see and this benefits you in what you do.
  • Leaders encourage dissent-Bring on the devil’s advocate.  It is necessary to see all angles from other perspectives to make an educated decision for the benefit of all.
  • Leaders possess the Nobel Factor-Show optimism.  See the possibilities in a negative situation. Look for that opportunity to move forward.
  • Leaders understand the Pygmalion effect– One behaves as they are treated.  You, as a leader must expect more from your subordinates.  Productivity will increase.
  • Leaders see the long view-Leaders have the patience to make certain their vision is the needed outcome.  Goals, strategies, and actions must align to foster that vision.  All takes time, planning and soulful work.
  • Leaders create strategic alliances and partnerships-Work with other organizations that are correlated with yours to foster your organization’s mission.


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