Coaching Tip: How are you being?

“There is a certain way of being human that is my way…..-“Charles Taylor-Multiculturalism

We all have situations during our day that effect our emotions, thoughts, mental state, body actions, actions we take or actions we do not take.  We respond to these situations trying to overcome the feelings we have if they are negative or enjoying the feelings we have if positive.  We can be empowered in some instances and dis-empowered in others.  Our way of being and our actions to the situations at hand are connected.



During your days observe your way of being when situations arise.

Write down your emotions (feelings), thoughts, mental state, body actions, actions taken and non-action.

This will show how you were being.  Then revise the list with how you could be to make each category lead to a positive outcome.

Please see that you have control over how you will be.


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