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Does This Sound Familiar?

You are on top of your game! You worked hard in school, in your career path, you have a leadership position and yet…..something is out of balance. The reason for that pang you get in your inside doesn’t always make itself known.

Something is missing!!!

Or maybe: Your health is out of balance; Your relationships feel shaky; You are afraid you will be seen as a fraud. And there’s more………… It doesn’t have to be this way.

So How Do You Handle This?

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Codependency in the Workplace: How to spot it. What to do about it.

  “Other people may be there to help us, teach us, guide us along our path, but the lesson to be learned is always ours” - Melody Beattie I will discuss codependency in the workplace and you will see how a work culture can be poisoned by the behaviors exhibited. Codependency is usually … [Read More...]

“How to Say It When You Don’t Know What to Say”

  "How to Say It When You Don't Know What to Say"  in challenging situations,  in social or business situations, is most difficult since we are not sure how our words will be construed. We may have the best intentions, and we may weigh our words carefully and still have not said what would have … [Read More...]

Life is a Dance-you need the right music to get in step

I THINK I CAN- CAN………. Imagine dancing the rumba to swing dance music or the waltz to bosa nova. I’ve tried it and for some creative beings, it might work. But not for me. When we dance, we take in the whole idea of step by step to the rhythm of the music we have decided on using. And then, there … [Read More...]

Coaching Tip: Get Real- How to be Authentic

  “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ― C.G. Jung In the above quote notice the word, become. When we hear the word, authentic in the above title, we think of being who we really are, being true to our convictions, showing others that we can feel, give of ourselves … [Read More...]

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